Before we can process your first cash out we need to verify your identity and copyright ownership. You will receive an email with instructions for the verification of your account once you reach $50 in sales. 

To verify your account on Iconfinder, we require the following documents:

  1. Government-issued identification card, driver's license, or passport. Under Danish and international law, we are legally required to verify the identity of anyone we transact with. 
  2. Link(s) to your profile on other marketplaces such as Behance and Dribbble. Likewise, links to social media platforms where your icons are posted, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, are also beneficial.
  3. Any documents you believe confirm that you created the icons. Examples include: Unused icons, half-finished icons, sketches done by hand etc.

We do not accept finished icons as evidence that you created the icons. We are interested in seeing how the icons developed from idea to completion, as this is material only the designer will have. In cases where information regarding point 2 and 3 cannot be provided, we may ask you to provide a tutorial showing how you created several of your icons.  

Additional steps

  1. Update name - Please update your name on your profile to your full name (first and last). You can move your alias to the “Company Name” field in order to display it on your public profile. By law, we are required to have the complete name of everyone we transact with. You can update your name here.
  2. Cashout settings - You must provide your cashout preferences - Please fill in your information in the cashout settings and make sure it is accurate.
  3. For requesting a cash out you must have a minimum sales and/or referral balance of $100.00 - Coupon balances and prepayments are not eligible for cash out.


Iconfinder has a responsibility to the design community, to our customers, and as a matter of general ethics to verify, to the best of our abilities, that all sellers own the copyrights to the digital goods they sell in our marketplace. Given the nature of the internet, it is difficult to verify such ownership. In order to verify with reasonable certainty that each seller owns the goods they sell, we rely on the factors above.

How Long Will It Take?

We will process your verification request as fast as possible. Please be patient. We are a small team running a big site and sometimes it can take us a little longer then you, and we, would like. But we promise to do our best.

Also, the process may require a little bit of communication back-and-forth. The more thorough you are in supplying the requested information, and the quicker your reply to questions and requests, the quicker we can complete the verification process.

Please refer to the following support article on Author Verification for more details about this process.

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