In rare cases, our icon upload tool might fail and you will get an error message when trying to upload a new icon set to your Iconfinder account. 

There could be many reasons why the upload is failing. One of the most common issues is that there might be something wrong with the SVG files in your set. 

Make sure the SVG files contain no image data 

The normal SVG contains only mathematical data (vector), as shown below.

When the SVG contains image data, the code will look like the below screenshot. The selected code corresponds to image data.

A symptom that your SVG contains image data is that your file is large. Image data means that a part of the icon is not vector, which can cause problems when scaling the icon. This causes error when uploading those icons to Iconfinder. 

Make sure to set the export settings of your graphic design software to not include any image data in your SVG file.

If the SVG looks ok

If the SVG file seems ok, please contact us at including the following details in your email: 

  1. What format the icons are in: SVG, PNG etc.
  2. What software you used to create the icons.
  3. How many icons you were trying to upload.
  4. Which browser you were using.
  5. You can also send the icons in a ZIP archive attached to your email.

Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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